Practice Impromptu Topics

Please feel free to use Impromptu topics from our previous tournaments for practice.

Prologue Round 1 Topics
Prologue Round 2 Topics
Prologue Final Topics

New Year's Round 1 Topics
New Year's Round 2 Topics
New Year's Final Topics

Junior Impromptu

Here’s some Impromptu information to help you feel more prepared!

In Impromptu, the competitor is given two minutes to prepare a speech on a topic he/she receives within the competition round. The word “impromptu” means, “composed or uttered without previous preparation.” Developing and presenting speeches within the confines of time and resource limitations is a part of life. Job interviews, professional meetings, scholarship and work-related presentations, as well as college level discussion responses are all examples of real world impromptu speaking opportunities.

While individual impromptu speeches are unique to the moment and not memorized ahead of time, the wise student prepares by studying the art of impromptu speaking. Learning the art of impromptu speaking will reinforce all areas of your skills as a speaker, quickening your ability to employ strategic word choice and focusing your attention on developing an engaging delivery style.

Senior Impromptu (ages 12-18):

Two-minute prep time; five-minute speaking time.

Impromptu Rules
Impromptu Ballot

The top 30% of Impromptu competitors at each Stoa tournament will receive Green Check Marks.

Junior Impromptu (ages 5–11):

Two-minute prep time; three-minute speaking time.

Junior Impromptu Rules
Junior Impromptu Ballot

Possible Topics

This event offers a wide range of topic possibilities to the tournament leadership.

Single words
Famous Quotes
Book Quotes
Song Lyrics

The Impromptu Round

1. Draw your topics.

Enter the competition room and draw three topics. After drawing the topics, two minutes of preparation time will begin.

2. Choose your topic.

Take all three topics to the preparation table, selecting one as your speech topic. At the end of preparation time, return the two unused topics to the judge table. Do not return your speech topic to the judge table.

3. Prepare your speech.

This is the hard part! Two minutes to outline a topic and think of the content for a 5-minute speech? Don’t panic. Stay calm. This is not intended to be a long speech that is pre-planned covering all the possible details on the subject. No one could do that in five minutes!

Practice #1
Practice #2
Practice #3