Please review the Extemp Rules for the 2023–2024 competition season.

The New Year's Resolution is being held on an active college campus this year with classes still in session. We will not be storing competitor equipment or supplies and ask that you maintain possession of your items at all times.

Helpful Reminders!

  • Extemp prep is located on the first floor of the Collins Library. Enter and turn right.
  • Bring a power strip to plug in more than one computer.
  • Fully charge your computer before your draw time.
  • Remember to set your devices to airplane mode.

Note: Electronic filing is completely optional. You may still uses boxes and hard copies if you prefer.

Draw Times

It is your responsibility to know your speaker position, your draw time, and your speak time. We expect you to use this information to manage your time appropriately. As a reminder, your speak time begins exactly 30 minutes after your draw time. The judges will have a list of speak times, and they will expect you to begin your speech at the correct time for your speaker position.

After you speak, please remove your belongings from the Extemp prep area.

Practice Extemp Questions

Please feel free to use our NY Rez 2022 & 2023 Extemp questions for your practice.

New Year's Resolution 2022 Extemp Questions

New Year's Resolution 2023 Extemp Questions